Began Forging and it Became an Obsession

I started forging because of the show Forged in Fire - same as a lot of other people.

I was instantly hooked, and spent the first 6 months working in my garage for 10 hours a day trying to learn the art. The practice helped tremendously, but I had no formal training.

Fast forward to May 2022. My dad passed away and I happened to find blacksmithing classes in my area, both around the same time. I had a new place to go (with a real press), and someone to help guide me along.

Still just a little over a year into my journey, but I have a mentor, and a word-of-mouth business that has pushed me to make historical daggers, mini-clip points, fillet knives and Chef knives. I have forged a hatchet, a Tanto and a massive hunting knife, and I am working on my first sword - learning never stops!